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S&D Services Plus, Inc.

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S&D Services Plus provides professional paver installations and maintenance services and use materials of first quality from TREMROM GROUP.

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Here you'll find information on our services - we offer all you need to keep your existing pavers always clean and in good shape.


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After many years in the pavers business, we have chosen the best product available in the market.


With our supreme experience on paver installation and maintenance, we deliver the best quality services for your pool deck, patio and driveway.


Our combination of excellent quality material, great professional services and affordable prices deliver services that will exceed your expectations.

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After 10 years of experience, no job is too small or too big for us. We'll make sure any size job will be treated as it should be.


Following both good and hard times of the economy, S&D Services Plus has survived not only because of the quality of our services, but also from loyalty of our satisfied customers, who experienced our professionalism and delivery of services.


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